My name is Anna Sandilands and I am the Brisbane Bayside based 

Accredited Professional Photographer behind Smitten Studio Photography.


I grew up in Sweden and I have always been very family-orientated and close to animals and nature. I am a wife to a wonderful man who I met when living in London many years ago. I love to sing. I love to create. I love meeting new people and exploring new places but I also love the comfort of my own home and to cuddle up on the couch to a movie.


I love taking photographs and I love what I do for a living. Most importantly, I love being a mother to a cheeky boy and a beautiful little princess who keeps me on my feet. Watching them grow is a reminder that we need to embrace here and now, enjoy the small things in life and cherish everyday... Because they grow so very fast.


My photos have a soft and natural style. I like to call it "naturally staged" because I aim to have my clients act naturally in front of the camera while we stage the situation such as the light and background in the photographs. I try not to use stiff poses but rather have you interact with each other in front of the camera. 

My photos are minimalistic and I like to incorporate white and neutral colours for the simple reason that the photos will last a lifetime and not date. I want my photographs to be hung up on the wall and to be enjoyed by our loved ones for years and years to come. I see photos as something special, something that should be treasured. 


When time will pass and memories may fade, photos are a permanent reminder of life’s beautiful milestones. 


I do my photography sessions on location or in my studio space in Manly, Brisbane Bayside.

My studio has professional lighting, a selection of backdrops, wraps and clothing for newborns and babies, a beanbag and baskets/nests for newborns and maternity outfits with flowy materials for pregnancy and family photo sessions. 

When photographing on location I love to use the sky or the water as the backdrop. I have many places that I use in and around Brisbane (I also travel to the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast) and my favourite spots are at the beach, by the water, on a field or at the park. 

Our surroundings here in Brisbane/South East Queensland are incredible and I like to take advantage of that and to incorporate those special places in your family session to make the photos really stand out.