I offer a fun and personal photo experience for your children with a unique group photo brochure where the children can fill out details about themselves. I bring my full studio set up to each centre and focus on photographing each child individually as well as together with their sibling(s). I will spend enough time with each child to bring out their personality in the photos and mix it up with a couple of different settings to give parents a good selection to choose from when they enter their online gallery for review. 



I will photograph all children individually to be able to focus on each child and bring out the very best in their personality. I also understand that some children only attend daycare on certain days and to be able to include everyone for the group photo I will put each group photo together in post production. 


For larger groups I will add more rows of children and the smaller children will often sit on the floor or on a fluffy rug to keep them comfortable.



As I spend time with each and every child I focus on bringing out the very best in their personality.


I also have a couple of different settings and some fun props to give parents a good selection of photos to choose from.

Your individual photos can be ordered as Print Sheets, different sized Fine Art Prints or as Digital Files.


Starting from $25



I always bring siblings together for some photos that are usually very appreciated by parents. As with the individual photos I offer a couple of different settings and some fun props to keep the children occupied and happy in front of the camera when getting photographed with their brothers or sisters.



As a fun memory from the children's time at daycare or kindy I offer a tri-fold brochure with a group photo for each room/studio/age group.


This brochure is customised for each centre and has an 'About me' page where parents can help the child fill out info about themselves as a memory from this point in time. 

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