Top 10 Maternity Tips - By Snooze & Co

With so much diverse & extensive gadgets on the market these days for parents it can be overwhelming knowing what you need & what you don't.

Entering Motherhood for the first time or the 4th time can be daunting which is why I've created my top 10 tips for new mammas.

1. Invest in some high quality bamboo muslim wraps, these are fantastic for swaddling your newborn, providing shade over the pram or as burp cloths. They come in so handy right through to toddlerhood.

2. A nursing chair is essential whether its for feeding, reading books or rocking your newborn to sleep. Spending quality time in the nursery allows your little one to become familiar with their environment even if they are currently sleeping in a bassinet next to your bed. He/she will be moving into their own sleep space at some point so spending time in there daily allows a smoother transition down the track.

3. Invest in a high quality mattress! Even if you skimp on the cot itself make sure the mattress is of the best quality it should be breathable, firm and when you place your hand firmly down on the mattress you shouldn't feel any springs. This will be their bed for 2-3 years so we want to ensure it's super comfortable.

4. A baby monitor is an important piece of equipment. With a lot of options on the market these days I find the portable rechargeable one with a temperature gage the most convenient as you can always determine whether your baby is too hot or too cold just by checking the monitor.

5. A baby sling/wrap is another great buy especially when your little one reaches 6 weeks and can become extremely hard to put down as they just want to be held. A sling allows you to make that cuppa or hang that load of washing out if needed without disturbing your little one.

6. Comforter! Your newborn will not need it straight away but it can come in handy down the track whether its attaching a couple of dummies to it so they don't loose them throughout the night or it's just to provide them comfort overnight with the smell of mum or milk.

7. A white noise machine can be purchased from most baby stores or online and they are a god send (!) when it comes to settling a newborn. Babies are not used to silence, they don't like it, so white noise instead is familiar as its imitating the womb. Play it continuously overnight and for day sleeps. Another great gadget that can be used right up to toddlerhood.

8. An updated first aid kit with a really good thermometer - Fingers crossed you never need to use it but it pays to be prepared for the worst.

9. If I had to suggest one parenting book to read before your little one is here it's Dr Harvey Karp's "Happiest baby on the block". It's full of so much great information that allows you to be that little bit more prepared.

10. Photos!! Book in if you haven't already and get some maternity photos. They are absolutely beautiful to look back on and also share with your little one down the track. You won't regret it!

Last but not least because I can never stick to just 10, can I... Take some time out for yourself. I know you've probably heard it before but even if it's just a lunch date with some girlfriends or a movie date with your partner, whatever it is, enjoy it! It might be a little while before you enjoy some time out of the newborn bubble so enjoy that lunch date while your little one does super duper flips in your tummy.

To see more expert advice about the newborn stage and their sleep, head to Snooze & Co's website

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