The Kumar Family

This photo journey is very special to me and close to my heart. Karlee is my sister in law and I have followed her pregnancy closely since day one. We were ecstatic when we found out that she was pregnant and we got a big surprise when we found out that she wasn't expecting one baby, but 2!

I was going to be an aunty to TWINS!

Once they hit the magic 12 week mark they decided to do a gender reveal amongst family and friends and we were all convinced there were two little girls hiding in there. Needless to say we got another surprise when the balloons popped and revealed that they were in fact boys.

Their faces in these photos are absolutely priceless!

This pregnancy was anything but easy and I'm so proud of how well she's held herself together and managed to cope with everyday life during the tough weeks.

When they got to 30 weeks Karlee called me from the hospital explaining that she was in labour but the doctors were trying their very best to stop the contractions. It was hectic week but after a few days she was discharged home and we decided to quickly get some photos of her belly in case the babies had an early arrival. These photos were taken at her own home at week 31.

Once the babies arrived at 32 weeks I got to see them in the hospital before we left for our over seas trip to Scandinavia.

After we got back 4 weeks later these beautiful boys, Winston & Grayson, were already at home and doing fantastic so I finally got to photograph their cuteness.