Sleep coaching

Being a parent with small children can mean little or no sleep some nights. When I decided to get back into work and start taking clients again after maternity leave I realised that the combo of getting up a few times per night and performing well during the day wasn't going to happen.

Alice had got into the habit of waking for a bottle at midnight, being rocked back to sleep and continue sleeping the rest night next to me in our big bed. While being a stay at home mum this never bothered me too much as I could still have a nap during the day when the little ones went down for their midday sleep. But as my routine was about to change I knew we had to try to change Alice's night habits for the better.

Instead of figuring out the best way of doing this by trial and error I decided to seek expert advice so I contacted my good friend Lacey from Snooze & Co who is as a sleep specialist for babies and young children.

My biggest concern when asking for help was thinking that she'd tell me to put the baby down in the cot and let her cry it out... something I had been advised in the past by other sleep specialists which hadn't worked well for our family and my style of parenting.

After a chat with Lacey and telling her about our current routine she came around to our house for Alice's day nap and had made up a personalised sleep plan for her. She explained the steps and different stages of Alice's new sleep plan and after having listened to her advice I felt much more calm about it all. Her approach was more of an 'ease into the new situation' strategy and I was very surprised of how quickly it worked for us.

The first night of implementing this I had to get up once to give Alice a bottle but I was very surprised that she was happy to stay in her cot all night.

The second night she had to be settled back to sleep with a little help but we did it without the bottle and during the third night she slept through, in her own cot, all by herself!

I was blown away over how quickly this new routine had worked and how easily my girl had adapted to sleeping a whole night in her own room.