What to wear for family photos

If you feel overwhelmed with ideas of what to wear for your photography session, you’re not alone. It’s usually the hardest part to figure out before a photography session and the first question families ask me when they book in for their upcoming family photo shoot.

There are so many beautiful dresses and outfits for little ones out there and you might feel like you just don't know where to start when getting the whole family together for photos.

Here are my top 5 tips for selecting outfits for your upcoming session.

1. Wear something you feel comfortable in! Something that reflects who you are that you can move around in with little children.

2. Pick a colour palette and coordinate the whole family's clothes within this colour scheme, alternating the tops/shirts/dresses/pants to create balance by mixing and matching textures and different materials. Think about the colours that would look good with the colours of the interior in your own home. If you have a light palette at home and you’re considering putting your photos up on the wall, wear lighter colours and try to coordinate the main colours with your outfits. If you're unsure of what would look good on the walls, neutrals like white, gray or beige is a safe way to go.

3. Stay away from large logos and too many different pattern combinations and these can draw attention away from your faces.

4. Think classic before trend. Dress in something that’s not just a current fashion 'trend'. Trends come and go but your photos will last for decades and you want to stay clear of trends that will look dated in a couple of years.

5. Consider the location you’re getting your photos done at. If it’s a beach shoot you could get away with being bare foot but if it’s in the city or at a park you’d like to match all accessories with the outfits. Different locations also suit different styles.

Before your photography session we will go over all the details about your shoot, including outfit options and ideas that goes with what your family have in mind for final wall art.

I am always here for advice and happy to help with the planning of your photography experience.